Received the Shields for the DLX now Finally
Pics within this week!!!


- New T500 F1-Addon Wheel as the Base ( You can also send me yours!)
- Simrace Deluxe Display (Using the professional EK simracing software)
- XL Curled Usb cable Routed out the back for powering the Display
- 8 Highend NKK Pushbuttons with Guard and Colored Cap
- 5 Highend CTS Rotary Encoders with 16 Dents
- 12 position Rotary Switch "Ferrari Knob"
- 2 Thumb Rotarys / 3 Toggle switches / 2 Jog Dials (stock)
- 4 Extra Led`s with Housing for additional feedback
- Shiftpaddle Mod with Button Exchange (No more doubleshifts/last forever)
-Exclusive High End Carbon Look with Finish made by professionals
- Fully labeled with Highend Vinyl labels
- Pushbutton Vinyl labels

Optional at extra costs
- Professional Handstiched Real Leather Handles / Stiching in colour of choice

PC recommned for full experience / PS3 just Stock addon wheel functions!

With New Addon Wheel
xxx + shipping

699 €

Without New Addon Wheel
xxx + shipping

599 €


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